The New York Hotel: A Brief History

Considered one of the most elegant hotels of its time, The New York Hotel building was constructed in 1906. In 1978 the basement became the home of the New Yorker Restaurant, followed by the opening of the main floor of the Market Street Grill in 1981 and the Market Street Oyster Bar in 1982. With the help of Architect Prescott Muir, the late John Williams and Tom Sieg, designed the space of the New Yorker, which featured elegant Stained Glass Skylights, Banquettes and Booths saved from the Hotel Utah Dining Room following a renovation. in 1998 Gastronomy Inc., the parent company of the New Yorker and Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar, was presented with the National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award for its work in the renovation, restoration and adaptive reuse of historic structures.

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